Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Stocking

Hello, wanted to blog so many times but something always came up or just not been well enough. I thought have bit of Christmas blog post after all it is that time of year. Me being the big kid, lover of Christmas. Bought myself stocking, guess where 99p store. Also filled it with food goodies and other bits, why not. Hanging up taking pride and joy in my little flat. I just love the fact it says have you been naughty or nice? My question is to you have you been naughty or nice this year? Leave your comments.
PS I am blogging from my phone, as I am in hospital. So fingers cross this posts ok and it is viewable.


Friday, 6 December 2013

Brixton Village Grill

Brixton Village Grill Grill is Portuguese and English cuisine restaurant that serves seasoned flavoursome food. Not having no food all day, appetite was overly big, stomach growls and all. So had to be done three course meal. Starters- Piri piri prawns with rocket salad. Prawns was succulent, oozing with spices that just sat well with my palette. Rocket salad with cheese complimented the dish. Main Meal- Chargrilled spring chicken served with chips and salad. My friend ordered piri piri lamb chops with chips and basamati rice. Generous portions, overwhelmed with how big my dinner was, dawned on me could I eat all this, and yes I did completed it. The chicken was cooked just right, once again well seasoned. Liked the chips and the salad giving it a nice balance. My friend enjoyed his, I had a taste being a foodie that I am have to try, lamb chops wasn't over cooked, juicy. The rice soft fluffy right consistency. Drinks- Had cheeky sangria also tap water as always need water where ever I am. Could of easily drank more sangria but I was being good girl, needless to say was a fan, wasn't bitter or sour how some can be or overpowered with alcohol, had the right amount of sweetness. Dessert- Dime bar cheesecake. If you have sweet tooth like me, this is for you. Nice little treat, naughty dish, worth the guilt. Overall- The waiters are attentive, good service, no complaints.

The restaurant is situated in Brixton Village.

Ps- This was before I was hospitalised, wanted to blog about it some time ago however due to misfortunes this was delayed.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Back Again

So once again was in hospital, for like a week, only now feeling bit more human since coming out on 15th November. After collapsing in a supermarket. Just doing bit of shopping, starting to feel dizzy told security and he got chair, but it was shopper that knew what to do got me in position and was checking my breathing called 999 (only knew to the point where told security, rest is haze, the paramedics told the doctor and it's the doctor who told me the full story). Did I mention I was on my own when this happened. Next thing in hospital after been taken by ambulance. My clothes was wearing that day was cut through both sides as nurse told me paramedics cut through one side then once in hospital the nurses cut through the other side. When coming round (alert) was attached to monitors, drip attached to me, doctor and nurse watching over me. In my head thinking I'm like what I'm here AGAIN, WTF!!!!

Excuse my glamorous self in the pics, was bored thought looking at myself might pass the time ha ha. Don't hate on hair fly away's and hospital face. I know haven't gone in detail in's out's but don't have much to spill as some things still under investigation and some things just got to live with. So can do with many hugs at the moment. 

Also want to mention can follow me on twitter @loopysos and instagram also loopysos. I know there buttons can add but as you imagine blog features not been on my list. Follow my blog would love it ;) don't forget to comment, hey.x

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Honest Burgers (Brixton)

Me and my usual moody face lol.

Happy now- feed me.

After seeing reviews and hearing the buzz about this place, me being a lover of burgers had to check out what all the fuss was about. When we got there it was 20 minute wait, so killed time walked around Brixton market and Brixton Village seeing all the new places to eat as it's changed quite fair amount since last time been in the area. Once table was available we received a text message to say table is ready for us, which I thought was good, so know what's happening, officiant. So now it's time for drinks and FOOD. 

Ordered  beef, red onion and lettuce with leicester cheese burger with their house chips (chips comes with the meal). Must I say chips has nice little crunch to it, taste reminds me of crisps like the seasoning of it, so didn't need my usual overload of ketchup to dip my chips in. Now onto the burger as sit here typing this I am now wanting this meal, thoroughly enjoyed the burger, cooked just right, melts in your mouth. Overall the service was good, nice meal out however at the end that killed the evening we got the bill before we even requested it, which threw us off, kind of ruined it, if they just waited only few minutes later we was going to ask for the bill anyway, that wasn't cool. 

Pre warn you as it does get so busy there (in evenings) expect a waiting time, be fully prepared to wait at their peak times. 

However I'm glad I went.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Outfit Of The Day Pick For Us (chronic illnesses)

All the items are from Next

Wanted to do something different as so many times certain clothing and footwear isn't always appropriate or comfortable, I decided to do outfit post pick that still can have comfort and be stylish. The black heart dress covers you lumps, also for me I sometimes wear back brace for support so in this won't be as noticeable. If anyone knows me I have obsession with hearts, so this is winner for me pattern also is cute distraction. To give little pop of colour leggings is more comfortable (me personally), I think because of the stretchiness also gives me support. How can you not resist beanie, thought it fitted well with this theme hearts love see where I was going there, hehe. Everybody love bit of studs so to add little edge to the outfit black studded high tops to round it off. Now I just wish all this was in my wardrobe but I shall admire it on my screen, haha like a loon, I know I'm bonkers no need to say, wouldn't be Loopy otherwise get it cause my nick name is Loopy, okay I'm going now as I am babbling. Hope you all have lovely weekend or week depending on when you reading this.

What do you think of the outfit pick?

Also would you like another kinda fashion post like this, let me know?!

Friday, 18 October 2013

My Rant.. Anxiety Fakeness

Made a video explaining my thoughts on certain subject, watch and see, let me know your thoughts?!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Rainy Days

Off days on days it can be all haze for me a lot of the times, but even on off day it's drizzling with rain, the sounds of droplets hitting the ground, the smell of dampness, hair going frizzy from the rain, you looking a mess, but just for moment you pause and take in your surroundings, it's quiet and the rain feels like the mood you in just want to pour out, rainy days.....

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Glendon Lodge Complex, alternative shopping.

Taken with my Ipod as my camera was dying.

Picture taken with my Ipod

Visited Glendon Lodge Complex with my family, as thought it be nice alternative instead of going into town, I discovered this place via the internet as this was when staying at my Mums for couple of weeks. If you follow my blog you know I'm all for small businesses, so this is nice little outlet. The toy shop is brill, old classic toys if I had a baby or had a child I would of bought them goodies, although I was there with my nieces but they had their parent to buy it if need be, I love them but er sorry auntie wasn't buying anything for them this time, plus they get spoiled enough. Sadly the cafe was closed when we was there, so couldn't get my tasting on, which was bit of let down. As you could see in my pics above they have little garden nursery also have pet housing shop however didn't include the pics as I didn't want to overload this blog post as there is already a lot of pictures. I will be doing another post on another shop that's in Glendon Lodge that I liked.

Oops just realised didn't say where it was it's next to Kettering, Northamptonshire.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Summer To Autumn


Outfit One- peace top: Primark, Trousers: TK Maxx. 
Outfit Two- old hoodie, black shorts: H&M, tights: Primark, Scarf: gift, Nike trainers: Sports Direct

Excuse the dodgy grainy pics, I promise the next coming blog posts I'll have better quality pictures, as have load of pics on my memory card just waiting to be uploaded. Meanwhile was looking at my outfit pics oh how very vain of me, hehe, not long ago it was very warm/hot now it's time for that layer, although the weather is very yo yo at the moment (yes typical Brit I talk about the weather). I won't lie I was excited to get my coloured tights out and yes I really do just live in my Nike trainers, cannot help it.

Do you like it when the weather is bit cold or do you love it when it's hot?

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Dazed And Confused.

Looking through my pics I saw this one and knew straight away needed to use this one, thankfully I've not used this specific photo before on my blog. Honestly you can feel lost in this blogging community, I would love to go blogging events and events in general meet people, have that interaction. But it's difficult when you can't travel places, I don't have anyone to go can you come all the way to my area then travel to the place providing it's a train not a tube, oh and by the way if you see my eyes rolling or my breathing is funny to sit me down, make sure drink water and take meds if need be. Like really who want's to do that.

Also like Ashleigh in her blog post click here I just don't feel happy (although for me I don't truly know what happiness is, TRUE HAPPINESS), that's not to knock other emotions as there is so many. My spark my mojo for art has taken a dip AGAIN, I need a holiday regroup, different environment from the norm. Also one of my new meds is messing up my concentration, which suffered before anyway but yeah damn side effects. Before people jump on me say just go on holiday, I would go now if I could go alone even if it was just to the coast or something. Who wouldn't want to go abroad, but even all that comes with complications, ugh sigh...

I do feel like I am in catch 22, I am not disabled to where I am in wheelchair but I use crutch to walk around but standing up and walking distances is a problem, so fall into middle ground almost like lost land, can't really articulate it into words how it is, I know people with illnesses will understand where I am coming from. It's not only a physical thing but real mental game, which can just leave you dangling dazed and confused.

Really sorry if this blog post was all over the place, I just needed to express myself, this is my little outlet.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Breakfast- Dorset Cereals

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as they say even though quite a lot people tend to miss breakfast, go straight for coffee but no food. Not me one I have to eat due to medication so I have to eat, so I am forced to eat even when I don't. Now onto the review Dorset Cereals getting the opportunity to taste new berry granola, I have been on hunt for good cereal since my favourite cereal changed it's recipe which has lost me as loyal customer, I won't name the brand. So this was great timing. I am going to be boring but my honest opinion I preferred original granola over the berry one. Simply because I felt more sustained, had more of sweet moreish taste to it, which for me I loved. However both granola cereals had crunchy and flavoursome taste to it. Dorset Cereals have me hooked and I now have bought the muesli cereals to see how they taste, so far I am enjoying it. You can purchase it from supermarkets like Waitrose, Sainsbury, Tesco and Morrisons, Dorset Cereals does have website with full details etc, I know they are running competitions over there at the moment, so it's worth a look click here.

Great thing about these type of cereals you can eat it with yogurt which I did and it was so yummy, for extra sweetness add bit of summer fruit compote to it, yes just mmmm, can also combine it to make it into you own yogurt store it and have it for later as snack or dessert (it doesn't have to be those exact products).

What do you have for breakfast?

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

London Bridges

The Shard

Tower Bridge

HMS Belfast Imperial War Musuem

As I promised (well to myself) post the pictures from the day out I had on my birthday last month, some photos for you. I always love seeing the Thames, being a Londoner myself still enjoy the surroundings till this day.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Steve's Leaves Salad

Sorry about the fuzziness, bad blogger..

Recently I got a chance to review some salad leaves, as someone who normally buys the plain salad-in-a-bag this seemed like a decent opportunity to compare and contrast as these weren’t your usual nondescript washed rocket these were Steve's Leaves; a UK domestically produced and freshly farmed salad (amongst other products). The bags that arrived were Fennel Tops & Sweet Leaves, the bags were brightly and clearly labelled and are described as “a totally herbaceous mix of fennel tops and some of our favourite sweet leaves, namely: baby spinach, baby green batavia and baby chard.”
The meal with which I had the salad was a pan fried steak and blue cheese, it went surprisingly well together especially with the mint honey dressing. The baby spinach, chard and green batavia had a lovely crunch and sweet taste, the fennel tops had a very slight bitter taste that was a perfect mix for the spinach and made the meal delicious. After this it does seem quite hard to go back to regular store bought salad bags now.

Steve's Leaves website click here.

PS- Have to give credit to Mark (my boyfriend) who wrote this review on my behalf.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Birthday Outfit Of The Day

What I wore on my birthday- Saturday 20th July
Dress: Boohoo
cardigan/hoodie: Miss Selfridge
Bag: DKNY 
Floral shoes: Sports Direct
Red heart studs: Sister Vintage
Black heart necklace: Claire's 
Medical ID bracelet still going strong
And Hello Kitty Lip Balm hanging off my bag

I never wear anything short without leggings, tights, long socks, or shorts underneath since god knows when so me with naked bare legs out, go me, for the longest time I have felt self conscious of my thighs as I had muscle wastage (big dips) just before I became seriously ill, also before that just being silly girl thinking my legs were fat. Sorry had to mention it you know I always have to give you background story with everything.

This weekend just gone I aged by a number, turning 21 again (although I am more closer to the 30 mark but ssh it's our secret). There be separate post on what I did on the day, but for now you can enjoy me being well Loopy with my poses that could knock out any model in glossy mag ok that's far fetched but who cares I am still smiling. 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Back Pain... Arghhhh

The bane of my life even before suffering with Fibromyalgia I would get back aches, since young teen, which  would double in pain when that time of the month would come along, so I am no stranger to the dreaded pain. Along the way I've been advised by dozens of docs physiotherapists etc. I am curious what do you do to relieve back pain or what helps you (besides the obvious ice pack, heat pads, sprays, creams), what type of exercises helps you whether it's yoga, swimming, cycling, cardio etc?
This is just for my own personal research, so would love as much feedback as possible. Thank you ;)

Excuse my badly drawn illustration, just tongue and cheek advert which I done for a laugh.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Caribbean Food From Tooting Market

Everyone always talk about the big markets in London, however plenty of small markets that can be gems whether its food clothes there is market for it. What's great about Tooting Market is having variety of cultures under one roof from Portuguese to Caribbean which I be discussing in this blog post.

I love me some Caribbean food I am bias as that's part of my background. Walking through the market and my greedy eyes was like yes I need me some nibbles from this place, unfortunely didn't write down the name of the Caribbean take out as I was just focused on the food, and having banter with the worker, however it's easy to find once you step into Tooting Market, so lets just pretend for sec I'm not bad blogger. The service was great, attentive which for me is bonus of course not to the point where its over the top or invasive. The food, right again bad blogger slap on the hand, I scoffed down my food without taking pics sorry. However still can tell you how it tasted, our order dumplings, carrot&ginger juice- oh that had kick to it, when that ginger hit you oh my, chicken pattie- the patties wasn't crumbly as sometimes the pastry falls apart when you buy patties from Caribbean bakeries/restaurants/takeaways , chocolate & coconut cake with rum in it- only had bite of that as I'm not big fan of coconut, but still could appreciate the taste, salmon & banana plantain- simply delicious, you would assume that combo doesn't work but seriously fits well, worth having a try and going just for that, just typing about it is making me want it, mmm (daydream). . I felt satisfied with my food and would definitely go back.

Finally grew some balls not literally of course posted whole profile of myself (pic above) so I'm no model but who cares, not going to photoshop myself to look perfect nah bullocks to that. Putting that aside, are you someone that visits you're local markets or other little markets? let me know.