Friday, 24 January 2014

Never Forgotten

Today is somebody I regarded as my Grandpa cause simply he was diamond and was Grandpa to me. His birthday is today, this date last year made him birthday banner, he loved it he told me. So here is little banner for you, hope you like it as you look down from heaven. You are not forgotten. Miss you. Xx

Friday, 17 January 2014

Being You

Being you, with so many blogs out there it's hard to stand out, with fancy blog headers etc. Great big quality pictures, not everybody does have Canon or Nikon, MacBook to edit their work, but that's alright it's about passion in your work, using the tools you do have. This is why I love art because you can use any material and create masterpiece. No limitations, freedom to pour out your emotions.

Being you and not living to others expectations or copying somebody else just to get popular, it's about being you, or finding you as some people are lost just trying to find their way, hold my hands up many times I feel lost, just like the tattoo on my wrist- journey. Life journey.

Can you relate? And just thoughts in general.

PS- No I am not dissing anyone who does have those items, before anybody thinks I am attacking those with canons Nikon MacBooks etc.

Monday, 13 January 2014


Before you go oh this drawing is not perfect, I like the imperfections. Sometimes the errors can be the beauty of the picture. Not saying it just because... Not being afraid to put yourself out there in less perfect light. This is me sharing doodle of mine, however there is deeper meaning to this drawing.
Share your thoughts in the comments, love to hear your views.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year. New Year Resolutions

It's new year and that means giving myself new aims or in some cases continuing. I won't have the usual lose weight or have better diet, exercise all that jazz no.

Mine are:

  • Be creative more.
  • Keep up with my penpalling 
  • Print pictures (not just be stored on memory cards/sticks etc)
  • Keep blogging
  • This one is bit iffy but to do videos again, still undecided on this.
  • Meet friends, as too often we go oh we hang out soon but then it doesn't happen for various reasons, including blogger and twitter friends. 
  • Keep working on my confidence. 

I did fulfil most of my goals set out for myself in 2013 just not as much as I would like due to health which can't be helped.  

Do you have any New Years Resolutions? if so leave it in the comment section would love to hear yours.