Friday, 27 July 2012

NOTD ft Mavala

I thought I do nails of the day, as I do love nail polishes. For me it's my chance to be girly, have bit of colour and since I can remember I've always painted my nails, I did fancy designs and experimented when I was at secondary school (high school for my American readers), never used fake nails or nail pen to create the look, all done by hand, plus I had beautiful long nails back then, still have now on and off. I was ahead of the times haha.

Oh dear I do chat a lot. Now back to the present, it is always great hearing and discovering new brands, it was through Daisy's blog I found out about Mavala. I really like the names they give to each colour (bottle). Having these colours on my nails reminds me of a cupcake, like something sweet. Light pastels great for the summer season.

If you want to find out more or check out their store click here.

What are you wearing on your nails at the moment peeps?

PS- Was sent these samples from the company, was kindly sent more for my birthday from them, not been paid or asked to do review on this. I am still keeping it real as always 100%.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Birthday OOTD

So it was my birthday the other day, bla bla. Was taken out by my sister with my niece to this lovely location for my birthday, the weather was perfect, lucky girl me. I talk more about the actual day out in seperate blog post. However I loved my outfit so much, it would be rude not to show. 

Don't know why, one eye is shut, however still like this pic.

Niece and I enjoying some ice cream, yum.

The bad news is, the whole outfit was borrowed, the good thing about being the same size as my Mum, I get full access to her fab wardrobe, gotta to enjoy the perks. And the footwear borrowed as well. I do love the print, and the flow to this whole outfit. Yes my niece is wearing a JLS T-shirt as she loves them, oh not to mention she loves One Direction oh dear, lol.

What do you think of the outfit, my Mum be beaming if she hears you love it? Oh isn't the background lovely....

Friday, 20 July 2012

Happy Birthday

Quick Happy Birthday to me and others who have birthday's.
Would love to receive some messages, put a smile on this old sick fart, thanks ;)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Rainbow Beauty

Pictures was taken the other day, with the crazy British summer weather, more grey sky's than anything. You have to capture the goodness when you can, even if it's just the rainbow. It always makes me pause and look upon the ray of colours.

Does the rainbow make you smile? Or make you pause, to look up?.

Saturday, 14 July 2012


Just what the doctor ordered, well not really, but needless to say this came at the right time. And I am certainly happy to review these goodies. Love the concept greeting card with food, just an overall feel good feeling. Really needed this if you didn't read my last post click here, so when I received parcel from Sugarpoke it was nice little pick me up.

The card was lovely touch, and sweet message was inside, which made me smile. Thoroughly enjoyed the snacks, I only have one left, so yes it's not lasted long oops, thank you for sending me these tasty goodies. It's affordable, great gifts for many different occasions, specially someone like me, my birthday is on the 20th July, not long, so if you want, you know put a smile on an old fart like me haha. No but really worth checking out the website. Very easy to contact them if any problems, customer service is good, quick shipping, also on twitter so can reach them there to. 

I shall be placing an order pretty soon, will it be for myself or for somebody, who knows, it's a secret....

Will you be having a look? if you do let me know, I am nosey bee.

PS- I've not been sponsored for this post. Yes this was sent to me for a review, but it's all 100% my view, honesty is the best policy.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Tough Time

I know I don't have big following or anything on here or twitter etc. However I wanted to share this, as my blog is representation of me, recently I've been having unexplained collapses/pass out/black outs, and it feels my fibro has taken big hit. Even typing this taking effort and concentration, as I've had constant migraine since I collapsed outside, where bunch of strangers had to help me and call for help, the picture above is when I got rushed to hospital.

Since then I've sadly had more falls etc. Resulting in more pain on top of normal fibro pains. I am not writing this for sympathy, but more for the reason to explain why I don't talk as much online, or why i'm MIA for periods of times, as you should know I like to chat by now. So not blanking any body, my words may come out funny, as my head is cloudy, and if somebody told me the sky is yellow I would believe them, that's how foggy my brain is at times.

Thank you to those who have asked me how I am, the support my loved ones have shown <3

Will try to keep you updated.

Hope you are well, looking after yourselves. Let me know what you been up to?!