Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Failure. Tough On Myself

I've been missing in the blogsphere, not posted, hardly read any blogs. It's been a tough month. Just every time I go to blog I either get really emotional just shut off the blog as it reminds me of dear person that passed away who always loved my blog posts, click here to read my previous post explaining.
Wanted to do outfit of the day posts but all the pics taken I looked fat, my face round chubby, just having issues with myself. So that was a no no..

I am going to be real honest, I feel like a failure at the moment, sometimes I feel defeated like my illness is winning consuming me. My achievements these days is able to wash my own hair myself, that's bonus for me. I hate how my emotions can be real intense, erratic, emotional mess when problem arises. Amongst other things but we be here all day, ain't nobody got time for that. You know how some people can be tough on themselves, well I am one those people, if you not guessed already , hehe.

Are you hard on yourself? let me know
If you got some encouraging things to say that be much appreciated ;)