Thursday, 21 June 2012

Hand Job (Book)

Nope not that kind of hand job, dirty people.. It's a book- A Catalog Of Type Hand Job by Michael Perry, bought from Waterstones. It's a book about fonts drawn by hand, collection of different artists. Like a walking exhibition, that you get to keep for good.

I've had this book for some time, so it isn't a recent purchase, but I am sure you can still find it. This book is so me, this is like the holy grail for typographers/graphic artists and lover of font art. I love this book, has so much variety, different mediums, colour, introductions (brief summary) of each artist, their websites. Work that has been used for campaigns, books, big high street stores/fashion, music you name it, demonstrations of how this type of work is used. People forget how much illustrators/artists in general are used in everyday life.

I try to illustrate this into my own work, I am old skool, that's me, having the rawness, and less perfection compared to digital. Plus it's more personable. I could go on forever and geek out on you all, but I won't, don't worry. Have a look, if you into this type of thing you must buy it, support the arts... I think I should be hired, joke.

Also talking about font, I changed my banner again. Done by my shaky hand, as I find it hard sometimes to keep a steady hand thanks to fibro. But it hasn't stopped me ;)

Do you like my font?
Are you lover of font old or new or bit of both?

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

99p Store Shocked Me

Was in town, whilst getting things that was on my To Get List, thought I go in 99p store to buy some batteries, however I ended coming out of the store with a bag of goodies oops...

Currently on my nails- Sally Hansen, Rose Wine.

My eyes saw Hello Kitty, and you all know how I love it so. Couldn't resist buying a couple of things, would of been to rude to turn kitty down, no no no. Bought kids size cup, it's tiny but yes I do drink tea out of it, there was no adult size one, so that's that. A travel toothbrush which strangely my niece actually has and she's like 4, well what can I say I've never grown up and I don't attend to when it comes to Hello Kitty (it's all ages anyway). Notepad, sharpener & eraser that came in little pack, stationery is like candy to me, excites me to no end. 

In the beauty section is where I bought the nail varnishes, Revlon Ruby Ribbon, Matte Suede (I notice bargains stores selling these items more these days). And Sally Hansen Rose Wine, which you can see above in the pic is what I am sporting now. Had to share it with you all, as I didn't know they even sold that kind of stuff with the Hello Kitty items- Bargain!!!!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Natural History Museum

Day out to the Natural History Museum and can I just say it was refreshing, things like this I don't get to do often for obvious reasons, so for me it was extra special. I did need to take fair amount of breaks, as my body can't handle to much walking and standing. Whilst there had flash backs of my childhood, as that was my school excursions visiting museums here etc. The things you learn at school about certain things was all there. Being there I felt like I was learning all over again, freshened the brain. Museum has history about planets/Earth, humans, when animals began and where, natural disasters, rocks, jewels, plants and dinosaurs how cool.

I did take ton of pics however didn't want to overload this blog post, also it's quite dark in lot of places, so my pics wouldn't of done it justice. Over all I enjoyed it, my eyes was every where, wanting to touch everything like the big kid that I am. The best bit for me was the moving dinosaurs, I felt like I was in Jurassic Park, I've watched it dozen times if not more, so for me it was like being on movie set. Yes the pictures above, doesn't it look freaking realistic. If you never been before, and you love bit of history you should defiantly go if you are able to (people that live in the UK and are able to travel to Central London), plus it's free entry why not..... And my little goody that was bought for me from the gift shop was fridge magnet, I have thing for fridge magnets and key rings/chains ( I am little collector), perhaps I do blog post on it, if anybody is interested?!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Casual Outfit ft Orange Circle Co

T-shirt: Orange Circle Co
Jeans: TK MAXX
Floral Plimsolls: Primark
Anchor Studs: Forever 21
Hello Kitty Necklace: gift
Ring: gift
Bag: Bagpurse (there be separate blog post and better detail picture of it)
Fibromyalgia bracelets
On my nails: No7 Temptress

This was the outfit I wore on a day trip to the Natural History Museum, which will be in separate blog post about the day etc. But I wanted to show my outfit, as I love this look, casual but fun. Needless to say I love love love my T-shirt, and shock horror I am wearing something floral so not me, but I love them, it was only £3 from Primark, recent purchase, bargain.

Do you like the outfit as much as I do?

PS- The T-shirt was given to me by Orange Circle Co, not been sponsored or asked to review this, 100% honest with my views.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Pure Tea

Tea glorious tea oh how I love you so. I had the great opportunity to review this fine herbal tea brand, they're a small business, I got to learn about the company via twitter, how it all started and how they were inspired to start this business, as I am a nosey person I like to know things, can't help it.

Sorry for the fuzziness, taken with my phone before bedtime.

Three different types of tea:
Black Lavender: I drank just before I went to sleep, as I often have trouble sleeping and a hot drink tends to help me relax. I was scared I wasn't going to like it out of the three, however surprisingly, I liked it. The instant lavender aroma made me feel calm.

Natural Mint: I am lover of peppermint tea, that was my go-to drink before I would travel to college and uni in the mornings. Yes I am different, as everyone always goes on about green tea etc, what can I say? I am not the norm... I did think this tea was going to be more minty, as I like the kick that mint gives you. Wasn't the full strength for me, however I still enjoyed the tea nonetheless.

Golden Chamomile: Now this one is my favourite, I love it, simple. The luscious scents that the tea gave off, instant mmm for me. I felt like me and the tea were having our own private time together (in a chilled vibe way). It had a hint of sweetness and spice to it, an all round good cup of herbal tea.

Oh I forgot to mention the packaging. Oops, aren't the little boxes the tea's come in cute?

If you are a lover of herbal tea, or want to check out new brands of organic tea you should check out their website. Have a snoop.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

A Little Bit Of Me

Sometimes holidays (bank holidays) can be tough, if you alone. However it can give you down time to think about things, evaluate and get to know yourself a little more. So often people get caught up in being busy all the time, they forget to sit down and just ponder.

This is my outlet....

I draw, I paint, I write....

Couple of people have suggested I share my art with you, so finally I am, baby steps, one step at a time.
One final thing, I will leave you to interpret my picture, I am very interested in your thoughts, don't be scared to tell, open to discussion.

PS- I changed my banner, did you notice, all done by my hands no fancy tech, what do you think?