Monday, 24 November 2014

Camden Coffee House

Jacket potato with coronation chicken, cheese, butter with side dish of salad.

Give me a comfy chair, tea, food and my sketchbook I'm a happy girl. Coffee camden house has nice relax chilled environment about it, passed the test of seating, as for me I always need comfy chair and enough leg room, very important for me otherwise I cannot be comfortable (it's not me trying to be snobby or anything it's just with my chronic pains makes it difficult to sit for prolonged times without the adequate support). I enjoyed my meal, just the right amount of food, sipped on my peppermint tea and then done quick sketch, so excuse if the drawing is a bit crappy. Before leaving I did have cheeky mocha to give me extra boost for my journey home, which I won't lie got my mocha approval. Overall thumbs up from me.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Hello Folkstone

The beauties of the coast, and all it's full glory. Had little break away at the end of September, thankfully the weather was still summery. Sand beach, pebble beach and harbour. Enjoying the surroundings, having the inner child come out of me playing in the sand, using my crutch to draw out things in the sand, yep I am big kid. Folkstone has art scene which there is whole road full of galleries. I know you waiting for it, what did I think of the galleries, well as I only walked passed them I can't give my opinion but what I saw from windows display, defiantly talented artists. Sadly don't have pictures otherwise would of been part of my picture diary of Folkstone. Downside about the area is that it's not disabled friendly, a lot of steep hills, which made it difficult for me, so wasn't able to fully explore the area in it's entirety. The harbour made me want to take up fishing granted all of 1 minute though as can't imagine waking up crack of dawn to fish, the smell, the mess, yeah I am not fisherman but the idea was there.

Now winter is upon us, are you someone who still visits the coast during the colder months?

Friday, 7 November 2014

Mini Primark Haul Plus Special Guest

I made YouTube video, oh yeah, with my special guest who stole the show...

Be great to hear from you guys, drop a comment, as do love hearing from you.