Saturday, 31 December 2011

End Of The Year. Random But Short!!

I won't be doing New Year Resolution's post, as I feel my life is forever changing, whether it's me having less anxiety, less falls, less flare ups more flare ups. Accepting more and more of my condition (fibromyalgia), working around it, knowing that my depression can be handled or at least not to take it to that next level of suicide. Being more open, if you was to talk to my family& friends they would tell you I am strong person, so I shall try to embrace compliments. Ideally of course I would like to be slim, but that takes time, and to be honest there isn't a rush for it, my health comes first meaning I have to work around my illness. Also in my defense I gained a lot of weight because of the treatment (meds) I had, thankfully not on them any more, I am on different medication. Ok this sounds a bit like New Year Resolutions opps, haha.

Little steps for others have been my biggest steps for me. Whether 2012 is better or is the same as 2011 I am just grateful I can step out my front door, get out of my own bed without needing help. Able to do the little things when I can.

For any body reading this, appreciate what you have, not what you going to gain.

Lots of Love

Friday, 23 December 2011

Brother Baking

My brother Jonathan (his not this dark, just how the pic turn
ed out).  He made it.

Serving Time
 I am in my PJ's. Time to eat! Netbook isn't working, and my
PC is on it's period so
makes it harder to load pics etc. So
bare with me, as I do
EVERYTHING on my lappy, when it
comes to pics, doing vids etc.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Spoil Em

Spoil Em is small family run business, it's relatively new online shop. I found Spoil Em through my brother, who suggested them to me through Facebook. Very affordable personalise items they do, from jewellery to every day items. They have variety of things to choose from, also do bundle of gifts, if you stuck, last minute Christmas shopping, be sure to check them out, and tell them I sent you hehe.
Click here, also they have Ebay shop, click here to check it out.

Disclaimer: I am not being paid to do this post, I am simply helping a friend of a friend, as I am all for supporting small business's.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dear Penpal

So I was reading a dear friends blog- prettygreentea and I loved the fact she has a penpal. I am someone who loves old and new, and sadly letters have become redundant lately due to the power of technology. And got me wondering I miss the days of writing to somebody, as I did have penpal with elderly lady who I became close to, as we were roomies at hospital (just one of my many stays at hospital), but sadly it fizzled out, as she became more ill.

My Question is:

/Emailpal I shall add. Open to anyone and everybody, who are serious of course. Do take into consideration, I am somebody who has an illness, so I won't always be able to reply straight away. It be great to hear from you / can also twitter me loopy, to get into contact with me.

PS- Both pics are done by me.
I wanted my pics to look like that, not perfect, just how I would write on a piece of paper, perhaps a bit more neater, or maybe not. Makes it more personal for me, like who ever is reading this is reading my letter already.


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

What qualifies as fashionable, a certain look, being in the in crowd?

I asked this question earlier on twitter,what qualifies as fashionable, a certain look, being in the in crowd?. And Laura answered (a friend from twitter)'I think it's knowing what suits you, and if it suits you and you like it i think that makes you look fashionable xx'.

It's what you make it, so often people mistake fashion (as a whole) as must have, not what makes you (personal style). Chosen this video, from archive mwfrost, my best friend is the interviewer here. As ONE of the examples of what I am saying.

Whether you dress smart all the time, casual, sporty, it's about owning it (my view). Don't worry if you have to save up for one fashion piece, buy clothes from charity, market, supermarkets (yes Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury, etc). I don't consider myself fashionable, trendy, but stylish in my own little world, even if I am dressed like a chav, however I do like dressing my male friends, as I do like to play stylist, and do damn good job. Would insert pictures, but I do not have consent to show my gorgeous models. 

What are your thoughts? (would love to hear)

Friday, 2 December 2011

Ho Ho Advent Calender Time

So here it is, time to be jolly, indulge yourself. The freedom to actually eat chocolate every day, an actual reason, ok perhaps more of an excuse, but lets go with the first one. Background story, what led me to this advent calender, minding my own business, shopping in supermarket to buy couple of bits. There it was bold as anything, if you don't already know I LOVE HELLO KITTY. It was literally calling me Lucyyyy, buy me. So I did, couldn't resist. 

Day One:

Day two:

What advent calender do you have, let me know? it be great to know what little treats you have for yourself hehe.x

Thursday, 1 December 2011

#ldnxmasbloggermeet Up

The Blogger's all together.
Look how stylish all these ladies are.
Emma (one half of the master minds behind it all) and me, happy to be there.
I was originally going to do video about this, however I have been to poorly or been to busy to do so. 

I was invited, yes me, actually invited somewhere, as I never ever get invites like this to be honest. Felt privileged and very welcomed. The two ladies who were the master's behind this event was Emma and Laura, both great wonderful women. 

Arriving late, as the Victoria line was closed grrr, and the fact I left in good time, still managed to have disaster of a trip. Got to my destination, lovely restaurant/bar called- The Warwick in Central London. Sarah from Lush was there to talk about some great new ranges, never been one to shop at Lush if I am being honest, however it opened my eyes and I learnt more about Lush.

The amazing Anne- Maggie Angus, spoke about her jewellery shop, how it begun, background information/history. I found this fantastic, inspirational, and admire her success. If you don't know Maggie Angus trust me you have seen the jewellery somewhere about. 

Maggie Angus Jewellery

The lovely lady herself Anna- Maggie Angus answering questions.

Then the very nervous, bless her cotton socks Faye from Wired Jewellery. Law student by day, jewellery maker by night. Told us how she got started, and her passion for it, the business aspect of it etc. Once again open to questions, another great person that you could learn from.

Thank you so much Emma and Laura for this event, the invite and everything. It was my 1st ever blogger event, I am so happy I attended, as I have met some great people from this. 

PS- This was my 1st time ever going to social event, ON MY OWN, to Central London since being ill, 5+ years. So well done me, milestone.xx 

The goody bags. Ladies having good old chat.
What's inside will be in separate post.