Monday, 22 July 2013

Birthday Outfit Of The Day

What I wore on my birthday- Saturday 20th July
Dress: Boohoo
cardigan/hoodie: Miss Selfridge
Bag: DKNY 
Floral shoes: Sports Direct
Red heart studs: Sister Vintage
Black heart necklace: Claire's 
Medical ID bracelet still going strong
And Hello Kitty Lip Balm hanging off my bag

I never wear anything short without leggings, tights, long socks, or shorts underneath since god knows when so me with naked bare legs out, go me, for the longest time I have felt self conscious of my thighs as I had muscle wastage (big dips) just before I became seriously ill, also before that just being silly girl thinking my legs were fat. Sorry had to mention it you know I always have to give you background story with everything.

This weekend just gone I aged by a number, turning 21 again (although I am more closer to the 30 mark but ssh it's our secret). There be separate post on what I did on the day, but for now you can enjoy me being well Loopy with my poses that could knock out any model in glossy mag ok that's far fetched but who cares I am still smiling. 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Back Pain... Arghhhh

The bane of my life even before suffering with Fibromyalgia I would get back aches, since young teen, which  would double in pain when that time of the month would come along, so I am no stranger to the dreaded pain. Along the way I've been advised by dozens of docs physiotherapists etc. I am curious what do you do to relieve back pain or what helps you (besides the obvious ice pack, heat pads, sprays, creams), what type of exercises helps you whether it's yoga, swimming, cycling, cardio etc?
This is just for my own personal research, so would love as much feedback as possible. Thank you ;)

Excuse my badly drawn illustration, just tongue and cheek advert which I done for a laugh.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Caribbean Food From Tooting Market

Everyone always talk about the big markets in London, however plenty of small markets that can be gems whether its food clothes there is market for it. What's great about Tooting Market is having variety of cultures under one roof from Portuguese to Caribbean which I be discussing in this blog post.

I love me some Caribbean food I am bias as that's part of my background. Walking through the market and my greedy eyes was like yes I need me some nibbles from this place, unfortunely didn't write down the name of the Caribbean take out as I was just focused on the food, and having banter with the worker, however it's easy to find once you step into Tooting Market, so lets just pretend for sec I'm not bad blogger. The service was great, attentive which for me is bonus of course not to the point where its over the top or invasive. The food, right again bad blogger slap on the hand, I scoffed down my food without taking pics sorry. However still can tell you how it tasted, our order dumplings, carrot&ginger juice- oh that had kick to it, when that ginger hit you oh my, chicken pattie- the patties wasn't crumbly as sometimes the pastry falls apart when you buy patties from Caribbean bakeries/restaurants/takeaways , chocolate & coconut cake with rum in it- only had bite of that as I'm not big fan of coconut, but still could appreciate the taste, salmon & banana plantain- simply delicious, you would assume that combo doesn't work but seriously fits well, worth having a try and going just for that, just typing about it is making me want it, mmm (daydream). . I felt satisfied with my food and would definitely go back.

Finally grew some balls not literally of course posted whole profile of myself (pic above) so I'm no model but who cares, not going to photoshop myself to look perfect nah bullocks to that. Putting that aside, are you someone that visits you're local markets or other little markets? let me know.