Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Back Again

So once again was in hospital, for like a week, only now feeling bit more human since coming out on 15th November. After collapsing in a supermarket. Just doing bit of shopping, starting to feel dizzy told security and he got chair, but it was shopper that knew what to do got me in position and was checking my breathing called 999 (only knew to the point where told security, rest is haze, the paramedics told the doctor and it's the doctor who told me the full story). Did I mention I was on my own when this happened. Next thing in hospital after been taken by ambulance. My clothes was wearing that day was cut through both sides as nurse told me paramedics cut through one side then once in hospital the nurses cut through the other side. When coming round (alert) was attached to monitors, drip attached to me, doctor and nurse watching over me. In my head thinking I'm like what I'm here AGAIN, WTF!!!!

Excuse my glamorous self in the pics, was bored thought looking at myself might pass the time ha ha. Don't hate on hair fly away's and hospital face. I know haven't gone in detail in's out's but don't have much to spill as some things still under investigation and some things just got to live with. So can do with many hugs at the moment. 

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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Honest Burgers (Brixton)

Me and my usual moody face lol.

Happy now- feed me.

After seeing reviews and hearing the buzz about this place, me being a lover of burgers had to check out what all the fuss was about. When we got there it was 20 minute wait, so killed time walked around Brixton market and Brixton Village seeing all the new places to eat as it's changed quite fair amount since last time been in the area. Once table was available we received a text message to say table is ready for us, which I thought was good, so know what's happening, officiant. So now it's time for drinks and FOOD. 

Ordered  beef, red onion and lettuce with leicester cheese burger with their house chips (chips comes with the meal). Must I say chips has nice little crunch to it, taste reminds me of crisps like the seasoning of it, so didn't need my usual overload of ketchup to dip my chips in. Now onto the burger as sit here typing this I am now wanting this meal, thoroughly enjoyed the burger, cooked just right, melts in your mouth. Overall the service was good, nice meal out however at the end that killed the evening we got the bill before we even requested it, which threw us off, kind of ruined it, if they just waited only few minutes later we was going to ask for the bill anyway, that wasn't cool. 

Pre warn you as it does get so busy there (in evenings) expect a waiting time, be fully prepared to wait at their peak times. 

However I'm glad I went.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Outfit Of The Day Pick For Us (chronic illnesses)

All the items are from Next

Wanted to do something different as so many times certain clothing and footwear isn't always appropriate or comfortable, I decided to do outfit post pick that still can have comfort and be stylish. The black heart dress covers you lumps, also for me I sometimes wear back brace for support so in this won't be as noticeable. If anyone knows me I have obsession with hearts, so this is winner for me pattern also is cute distraction. To give little pop of colour leggings is more comfortable (me personally), I think because of the stretchiness also gives me support. How can you not resist beanie, thought it fitted well with this theme hearts love see where I was going there, hehe. Everybody love bit of studs so to add little edge to the outfit black studded high tops to round it off. Now I just wish all this was in my wardrobe but I shall admire it on my screen, haha like a loon, I know I'm bonkers no need to say, wouldn't be Loopy otherwise get it cause my nick name is Loopy, okay I'm going now as I am babbling. Hope you all have lovely weekend or week depending on when you reading this.

What do you think of the outfit pick?

Also would you like another kinda fashion post like this, let me know?!