Friday, 21 February 2014

Supporting The Arts With A Positive Message

When I was approached about this exhibition from a friend of a friend, instantly had my attention, we all know I like me bit of art. All the artist's have Down Syndrome showcasing paintings to photography, spreading awareness of Down Syndrome. Which will be held at Menier Gallery, London. Between 17th March to 22nd March. This is one of the many reasons why I love art anyone with a passion can do it, disabilities illnesses doesn't stop you being great artist.

If you have the opportunity take a look when it's open, if you want to know more check out their website click here. Has all the artists on there, and the story behind this exhibition, worth checking out. If I had transport and my health is steady I would defiantly be in attendance.  

Please show it some love, good cause. x

Friday, 14 February 2014

All About The Pattern. Outfit Of The Day

Coat: TK Maxx, lovely bird pattern shirt: TK Maxx (picked and bought from the boyfriend, my birthday last year), jeans: Sports Direct, panda gloves: Primark, Babycham Boots, scarf gift from abroad, Love studs: Temporary Secretary online shop, Hello Kitty watch Christmas gift, on my nails: Seventeen Lasting Fix Colour Pink Grapefruit shade. 

Hello all, this is kind of fitting at the moment, it being fashion week, but I actually intended to blog this sooner however once again was rushed to hospital last week, collapse when I went to corner shop, bless 3 guys came to my rescue the paramedics told me. Anyway suffered with concussion, with the added joys of tonsillitis and a cold at the time. But as I can breathe, have my voice back, slowly back to my usual ill self. 

What do you think of my bird shirt, do you love it as much as me? 

I love the colour of my jeans also has smooth touch, can't resist touching my legs like a loon. Right well enough of me babbling on, hope you have lovely weekend, and to my UK peeps stay safe, crazy floods Gale force winds. Prayers to those who are effected.x

Monday, 3 February 2014

Bedazzled Nails

My best friend done my nails. To cheer me up a bit as currently have cold boo.
On my nails:
Seventeen Lasting Fix Colour, shade Sweet Kisses.
Seventeen Lasting Fix Colour, shade Pink Grapefruit.
Laval Crystal Finish Nail Polish.
Hello Kitty nail stickers.
Sally's Topcoat.

These nails make me want to go out somewhere special, show them off. However I will enjoy them in comfort of my home. As I am not going out why not blog post it, at least still get to show them off.

What do you think of my nails?

PS Pics doesn't do it justice.