Thursday, 30 May 2013

I Hate Goodbyes

How or where do I begin no words can describe, my role model, my friend, my confidant, true inspirational caring person to me and many others. I called him Grandpa as he stepped in the role, a Grandpa I never had, a treasure to me. Finding out he passed away my heart instantly sank, he always knew just what to say, truly miss him. Less than 24 hours another death, don't want to go into details about it as I prefer not to. Also dear friend of mine looks like a relative of his is going to pass away. So A week of death.

Thankfully through support of the people in my little circle, get me through this and prayer.

Drawing/Painting is bouquet

I hate goodbyes

Love And Miss You
My Angels

Friday, 10 May 2013

Lets Have A Cup Of Coffee At Matthews Yard

Coat: Sports Direct (old), T-shirt McLaren F1: Boyfriends, Leggings:Primark (old), Bunny Ring: Dainty Roses, Rose Ring:bought from a blogger, Nails: Rimmel Pro Ultra Violet

Riding Boots: Next

Found somewhere that fit me like a glove, somewhere that mixes creativity with food and drink. Art studio spaces, live music, chill, laid back feel, but still motivating as you can just get on with work. Their coffee is good, strong boost. What I love it is independent business, so already had my thumbs up, as we tend get caught up in big franchises, not that there is a problem, but it's great to explore.

Going there made me want to just get my sketchbook out, my creativity juices was bubbling which don't happen often, so I took that as a sign, still have the artist in me, I know cliché, but when you going through tough health times it's nice to feel that spark. Would be awesome to exhibit, I think it would reunite my love passion truly and confidence.

Back to Matthews Yard I've yet to sample their food, but the foodie I am sure when I can I will, no doubt share with you, not the food it's self I'm afraid sorry, also want to go to live gigs that they have there, so we shall see. If you in the area of Croydon, or not to far worth checking out.

Matthews Yard website click here

PS- Not sponsored blog post or review for them.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Vlog Blog

I know the quality is crap, just don't have the energy to get out my camera out, set it up etc, I just wanted to talk and express myself.

Lets chat x