Friday, 27 April 2012

Shopping - Let's Check It Out

Darker in real life

Liberty is one of those type of buildings that stands out in it's own, popped in checked out the beauty section, we couldn't resist. 
The famous Carnaby Street. So Daisy and I wanted to check what is all the fuss about Monki, as it's all over YouTube girls have been raving about this place, and a bit in the Blogging world, so dragged Jo in with us not literally of course but you know got to create some story to this, any who went in, as neither of us have ever been nor gone to the concession in Selfridges. Sadly for me it didn't live up to the hype, perhaps it's just me, I know I don't always have the same taste as others, which is fine. However I still liked the store, and would go in if in the area again. I did buy a purse from there, £5.99 or £6.99 sorry I know it's one of those prices, which has become my regular one. Love the colour (comes in other colours to), material and it's affordable.

What's your thoughts on Monki? have you shopped there, if not would you like to?

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Chicken Bun Love

Back at home- dinner time

Went China Town with the girly's Daisy and Jo while back, this was one of the area's we visited on our day out together. I must say I always love going there, each time has been fond memory. Not only is there good food but also you have cute Asian shops that sells beauty items etc, little supermarkets, indoor market. 

My eyes, perhaps my belly saw the food stand, lined up and bought me Chicken Bun, which I teamed up with my rice that was from my doggy bag (big lunch with the girls- separate blog post) which I had for my dinner when I got home, it was delicious, yummy in my tummy.

Fancy being my dinner date?!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Aussie UK Hair Fashion Show (Event)

Last minute thing, I was on twitter and saw Faye tweet about a plus one for the Aussie Event. I jumped in and said me me, mind you it was risky for me as I didn't know if I be able to cope, as I been out previous days, me being stubborn and wanted to do everything I went. Needless to say I crashed out as soon as I got home after the event, pj's bed nap...

I am somebody who has been using their products recently, so it was great to go this event and check it out.
Lots of nibbles, drinks and lovely cupcakes was all displayed nicely, yes I did go over the top with the cupcakes, ate fair amount oops, they was to yummy...

Yummy Cupcakes

Display of cupcakes

Socialising before the Fashion Show starts

Sign In. Entrance. Snippet of Lydia

Fashion Show

Me, Lydia and her friend. Girl Crush on both these ladies GORGEOUS

Jo walking off with the blow up version of the Aussie bottle, hehe, can't take her anywhere!!! 

I do like the fishtail braid hairstyle, that hairstyle is winner for me, not that I have sported that look on myself yet.  Overall it was great meeting bloggers, seeing the fashion show, being Faye's plus one, seeing her again, hanging out with my friends Amber and Jo.  Also putting a face to the blog's that I follow. Getting the chance to say hello. Meeting new bloggers, having girl crush on Lydia. It was cool atmosphere. Glad I went.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Fibro Fun Day Awareness & Fundraising Event

There will be event where everybody is welcomed invited to- Fibro Fun Day, this is very dear to my heart, the lovely lady who is behind it all is Lindsey Gibbs who herself suffers with Fibromyalgia. Bringing awareness, support, and  community spirit. 

You don't need to have fibromyalgia to attend this event, if you reading this, don't know anybody who has  it- well you know me. So that's not a problem. I will be one of the guest speaker's at the Fibro Fun Day Event, go me for public speech.

Fibro Fun Day Awareness & Fundraising Event

Takes place on Sunday 13th May 2012
Family Day Out
Activities for adults and children - Massages, bouncy castles, face painting, performances and more...
Time: 12 - 5pm
All details here

Would love to see you there, if you can make it. And for those who can't come because of distance or illness, don't worry I will be doing Blog Post about the actual day, so it's like you with me any way, the joy's of the web, don't miss out my lovelies.

PS- If you want the PDF of the poster, please do not hesitate to ask, leave me your email address and I'll send you the attachment. 

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Tea from Prettygreentea

I was super excited when Daisy said 'I'll be your penpal' after the blog post I done on here. As I love her blog and we have become friends, which I am happy about. Super cheesy, I know...

And when special little parcel arrived yesterday with tea in it, from Daisy there was instant smile. As I am writing this, actually drinking one of tea's sachets she gave me, for the longest time I've wanted to try this tea, so  had to be the first, finally drinking Chash tea.

I know I am always saying this, I am like broken record, sorry about the quality. However this photo was taken by my friend's phone, then emailed to me, as my laptop is out of action this week because my charger broke, and for odd reasons my pc don't ever like loading my pictures up.

And breath, sip on my tea.....

Have you had a cup of tea today or coffee?

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

I am not one for munching on chocolate unless it's in cake form or biscuit, however best friend of mine got me an Easter Egg or shall I say two in fact, but pause, wait for it, yes Hello kitty, needless to say I was chuffed.

Hello Kitty Easter Eggs. Yes double!!

Hello Kitty- The actual chocolate egg and chocolate buttons in the packet.                                                                 
Wouldn't be Easter otherwise without showing my bunny rabbit- Titch.

Hope you all having nice Easter break whatever you doing, and if you baking please send me a bit I'll love you forever. 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Onna Ehrlich Press Release. Also On my Wish List.

Being a lover of handbags, some people it's shoes, some people it's make up perhaps all three. However for me I love good handbag, this brand has just been released in this country, new upcoming brand from America. Onna Ehrlich has been featured in tv shows, various celebrities have been on the red carpet sporting the bag, films I've watched which amazes me, as you forget the impact of even accesseries can have on the fashion market.

Here is some of the handbags, ruffles, classic, stylish, simple, and practical.

Rachel Petite


Brooke FWB

Francoise Nickel






Onna's Coin Purse

Do you notice each item is a person's name?
Here is the movies the handbags have appeared in, you may have it seen it as well, without realizing.

The Wish List, bold letters WISH: Rachel Petite, and the Ann clutch. Day to night transition with the item's I've chosen, one being with all the junk you have throughout the day, then the clutch just for the essentials money, lip balm, phone. Yes they are at the high end of costs, these be the type of investment bags for us none celebs.

Worth checking out click here, even if it's just wishful thinking like myself. Plus on the website on About Us section there is video about the designer, and how it all exploded (became popular).

Onna Ehrlich website

PS- I am not being sponsored for this post.



Monday, 2 April 2012

Katch PR AW 12 Press Day

By surprise I received an email, my first ever Press Invite, won't lie I felt very excited giddy that I got an invite. Even speaking to other bloggers at the event, they told me their first experiences, and how they felt, so I am glad not the only one that felt the same. Enough babbling on to the actual event.

Katch PR AW Press Day showcased variety of clothing, accessories, and jewellery collection. Location/place where it was held- Cirque Du Soir which in it's self the place has great character, quirky interior and has a lot of seating which for me is absolute bonus.

Miss Matahari click here

CLEO B Click here

Salima Hughes Jewellery click here

MAISHA click here

DELADA click here

Arrogant Cat click here

ZEYNEP TOSUN click here

Lovely prints - ZEYNEP TOSUN

Each toilet has quirky crazy portrait in them. Had to take
picture as it's so different. Random picture of inside
Cirque Du Soir
It was great being introduced to brands that I don't know of, high end. Prints, tailoring, structure, colours, textures, elements you can see in the collections.

The event offered variety of treatments from manicures, to spray tan, threading, eye lashes extensions, and hair styling, which I found amazing. Seriously could get spoilt, all the ladies that were working was lovely easy to approach, and talk to. Was a pleasure to meet new people.

Over all the event was well put together, hopefully there be more opportunities for me in the near future for invites. We will see.