Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Fresh Cut

It might look the same to you, however I have gone shorter. My hair had grown fair bit since the chop so there was defiantly some length taken off, I naturally have thick hair so it was easy to create volume without teasing my hair or anything. My hairdresser bless her each step made sure consulted with me first of how much to cut off, double checking each time are you sure, which usually hairdressers are scissor happy chop off more than you wanted usually well in my experience, so it was refreshing to say the least, I said go back to Lydia's hairdressing salon and I did, will continue too.

The actual cut I love, as love the feeling just touching back of my head, example it's like when you shave your legs that smoothness you feel when there isn't no hair, yep that's how it feels. I am somebody who enjoys short hair, having boy cut if you like, still beautiful, still can be feminine have really short hair or no hair. Sorry had to go on my little soap box for second there, I'm back now.

What do you think? you like... Are you someone who like's short hair? join the team, haha.

To read about my original chop, the big chop click here.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Father's Day Celebration at Apatura Bar Restaurant And Grill

My Dad looking dapper, sorry no better pic, was just enjoying the moment.

Dad and I went to Apatura Bar Restaurant And Grill for Father's Day celebration, lovely evening out just the two of us, rare occasion so it was nice catching up. I ordered lamb burger which came with chips and salad for mains, Dad ordered steak as he loves his steak with peppercorn sauce which came with chips, onion rings and salad for mains. Neither of us had complaints about our meals, thoroughly enjoyed it, Dad loved his steak. Desserts I had warm chocolate fudge brownie served with chocolate fudge sauce and vanilla ice cream, Dad had sticky toffee pudding and butterscotch with vanilla ice cream. Only complaints we had was wished there was more ice cream served with the pudding, besides that yummy. Our bellies were certainly full after all that food. The service was great, attentive and waiting time for food wasn't long. We both would go back again, and would recommend it to others.

This isn't sponsored post or been asked to review this place, just simply sharing where I went for father's day. Did you do anything for father's day?

Monday, 2 June 2014

A Mississippi Biker's Pecan Pudding

We interrupt your scheduled blogging to bring you this special announcement: Loopysos' blog has been hijacked by Lucy's boyfriend to show you the product of perseverance and a promise.

I made the decision to cheer Loopy up with something very close to her heart; pudding. After seeing the Hairy Bikers Mississippi Adventure I decided the best place to start was with one of my personal favourite desserts, the humble bread and butter pudding. After looking at the recipe (the only change I made was to use brioche instead of a baguette) the twist the Hairy Bikers put on a traditional dessert seemed delicious and simple to make.

After preparation it kind of looks like it's made with Fairy Liquid but trust me it smells delicious.
Word of warning: beating the eggs in a bowl with the sugar is a lot harder and tiring without the use of an electric whisk... I found that out first hand.

Once cooked the first slice releases the wonderful scent of caramel and bourbon.
I'd never in my life made butterscotch sauce before so this was truly a trip into the unknown, between the fear of wrecking a saucepan and possible third degree burns the perseverance paid off, the mixture of pecan bread pudding and the butterscotch sauce really works and I'd recommend the recipe to anyone wanting to try something relatively simple where the results speak for themselves.

Obligatory Loopy Hello Kitty tray with pecan pudding
And it's with this that I will love you and leave you, hope you enjoyed my first hijacking attempt, hope to speak to you soon.