Thursday, 29 August 2013

Breakfast- Dorset Cereals

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as they say even though quite a lot people tend to miss breakfast, go straight for coffee but no food. Not me one I have to eat due to medication so I have to eat, so I am forced to eat even when I don't. Now onto the review Dorset Cereals getting the opportunity to taste new berry granola, I have been on hunt for good cereal since my favourite cereal changed it's recipe which has lost me as loyal customer, I won't name the brand. So this was great timing. I am going to be boring but my honest opinion I preferred original granola over the berry one. Simply because I felt more sustained, had more of sweet moreish taste to it, which for me I loved. However both granola cereals had crunchy and flavoursome taste to it. Dorset Cereals have me hooked and I now have bought the muesli cereals to see how they taste, so far I am enjoying it. You can purchase it from supermarkets like Waitrose, Sainsbury, Tesco and Morrisons, Dorset Cereals does have website with full details etc, I know they are running competitions over there at the moment, so it's worth a look click here.

Great thing about these type of cereals you can eat it with yogurt which I did and it was so yummy, for extra sweetness add bit of summer fruit compote to it, yes just mmmm, can also combine it to make it into you own yogurt store it and have it for later as snack or dessert (it doesn't have to be those exact products).

What do you have for breakfast?

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

London Bridges

The Shard

Tower Bridge

HMS Belfast Imperial War Musuem

As I promised (well to myself) post the pictures from the day out I had on my birthday last month, some photos for you. I always love seeing the Thames, being a Londoner myself still enjoy the surroundings till this day.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Steve's Leaves Salad

Sorry about the fuzziness, bad blogger..

Recently I got a chance to review some salad leaves, as someone who normally buys the plain salad-in-a-bag this seemed like a decent opportunity to compare and contrast as these weren’t your usual nondescript washed rocket these were Steve's Leaves; a UK domestically produced and freshly farmed salad (amongst other products). The bags that arrived were Fennel Tops & Sweet Leaves, the bags were brightly and clearly labelled and are described as “a totally herbaceous mix of fennel tops and some of our favourite sweet leaves, namely: baby spinach, baby green batavia and baby chard.”
The meal with which I had the salad was a pan fried steak and blue cheese, it went surprisingly well together especially with the mint honey dressing. The baby spinach, chard and green batavia had a lovely crunch and sweet taste, the fennel tops had a very slight bitter taste that was a perfect mix for the spinach and made the meal delicious. After this it does seem quite hard to go back to regular store bought salad bags now.

Steve's Leaves website click here.

PS- Have to give credit to Mark (my boyfriend) who wrote this review on my behalf.