Monday, 23 January 2012

Back To Basics

Sorry no photoshop, no fonts, just me, I am somebody who is old skool, granted I think they are great. However I am an artist (use that word loosely) who likes to go back to basics. See my flaws and all. Still  haven't got any interest in my previous blog post, please do not hesitate to contact me (leaving a comment etc) as the offer is still there. 

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Personal Stationery

As I am still without laptop, cannot upload pictures. Makes it harder to demonstrate however I still wanted to do this blog post. This has been something I have always enjoyed and got the chance to do at university, which made me see I could possibly do it. You all now wondering what is this girl on about, well what do we all like to receive- cards, greeting cards.

Just to test the waters first, I want to send a card whether that's a Get Well Soon, Happy Birthday, Congrats, Thank You card etc. I'll be making the card/writing/designs myself. Mock version of what I like to be selling perhaps. Who knows?!

If you are interested please do leave a comment, leave you're email address so I can contact you about address's etc. Only can send to the UK, I'm afraid because like I said it's just a mock/tester/sample. Not an item to be sold.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Boo Who!

Sorry pre warn you this isn't a sunny fashion happy go lucky blog post. My moods are more erratic due to my stupid stubbornness of not getting one of my medication that ran out, that's long story, and no it isn't the ones that treat my manic depression. And due to personal things why I am a bit odd lately. Plus of course living with fibromyalgia just the invisible best friend that I don't want..

Seeing events on my time line (twitter), group meetings, I feel so removed from social things. Never knew needing rest so much would be part of my every day schedule. I just need to have little moan, don't worry I be back to Loopy again, just right now feeling a bit more sensitive. Any body wanna take me out? (none sexual way haha).