Friday, 20 February 2015

Moving To Wordpress

Just wanted to let everyone know I have announcement to make pretty much the title says it all, after debating and thinking should I, you get in bad habit sticking to what you know. Seeing various bloggers I follow and my partner who's on wordpress made me want to take the leap even more. So I am saying bye to bloggerspot hello wordpress, please join me there

Farewell blogspot


Thursday, 12 February 2015

Winter Primark Haul

Stripy Jumper £6 (on sale rack) woman's department, the other 2 jumpers from men's section as I wanted big jumpers and something the woman's section lacks all skimpy, or really thin flimsy tops, often shop in men's department. Disney Winnie Pyjamas, underwear, facial wipes 2 for £1, baby wipes 2 for £1, emoji top.

I had a bit of cheeky retail therapy, went with my carer so had woman's input which I liked. Being bargain person that I am was hunt for jumpers as my wardrobe lacks them, very much in need right now, and me being me got side tracked saw emoji top, I had to be purchased as it's the same emojis I use all the time when messaging my partner in particular, so it was funny and cute, had to be mine. After my nightwear being cut up when rushed to hospital only right to treat myself to new set, wanted batgirl pj's as I love batman, but they didn't have my size, sad face, so went with Winnie as I love bit of Winnie have teddy of him in my place, also have one at my mum's funny enough. You think Valentines round the corner sexy lingerie be in there er no went with comfy cute underwear, call me boring but whatever. The other things like the wipes tend to get from there often because of the price, however do get wipes from other places too. You might see the clothing in outfit of the day or me just posting on instagram follow me on here. 

Have you been shopping recently, any bargains, drop me a comment and link to your blog post. As love being nosey and also looking at new and different blogs.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Having A Bad Week

This is going to be somewhat rant blog post so do apologise in advance, however for me this is outlet. Started Tuesday 3rd February coming from the bathroom really bad kidney pains started, so bad I passed out, my partner rang for ambulance, once the paramedics got here, partner had to tell them list of illnesses I have, the medication I take and what was happening, as I was unresponsive. In great deal of pain my partner told me I puked everywhere, which sometimes does happen when I am in great deal of pain. All the while I'm still not all there, as one of my illnesses is depression which is normal when you have chronic illness but for some reason one paramedic got it in her head that I over dosed, asking my partner load of questions, repeating questions. At that point had injection in my arm, in the ambulance tubes down my nose, down my mouth, unaware what's fully going on. Only fully woke up when in hospital (A&E), to an IV attached to me, being bombarded with questions of my medication when do I take them, have I taken more than I should, completely baffled too why, what's this got to do with my side pains, I honestly thought they was talking about someone else overdosed not thinking it was me they was on about. Mind boggling how paramedic came to the conclusion it was overdose. Guess what happened, my clothing got cut through, nurse told me had to cut through, so yay another piece of clothing destroyed... Returning home taxi took forever to turn up. Get home, been long day, get my dinner which is in pottery baking tray the thing breaks in my hands, which cuts both my hands, blood dripping everywhere, then top it off going to bed, my neighbour downstairs decides to be daily arsehole blast music out to the early hours.

Next day up first thing hospital appointment, taxi took long to arrive once again. Thursday morning building work downstairs same neighbour who blasts music all hours. Friday morning appointment with the GP, back on antibiotics, always seem to be on one form or another. More building work downstairs. And now just got a call that hospital appointment I have next week 3 days before appointment that they have rescheduled it for different day, so happens to be day I cannot attend, so yeah just been one of those weeks.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Surrey Market Fresh Bread

What we bought, 2 olive loafs, 2 savoury pretzels and 2 sweet pretzels.

Food glorious food, bread glorious bread I love you so. If you been following my blog for awhile you will know I like supporting small businesses/local business. As so many times these days we forget about markets and always resort to shopping purely in supermarkets, when we can find gems, fresh produce in markets, amongst other bargains to be had. When I got told about this new Surrey indoor eatery market, which is situated next to Surrey market (on the same road, strip), hey everyone knows I love food. Was in the area, would of been rude of me not to check out the place, didn't disappointment me, although it was end of the day, so they was getting ready to close up. Had quick nose around the stalls that was still open, there is upstairs but lot of steps for me so wasn't physically able to go look. Now let's get to the bread/pretzel stall, captured my greedy eyes, friendly staff that was able to guide us through the different breads, asking us what type of breads we enjoy recommending us ones we would enjoy. Needless to say the bread didn't disappoint, soft, type of bread that melts in your mouth, flavour is released and it's just wholesome.

Savoury pretzels, one with cheese and bacon (that was my one), other was like pizza pretzel, ended up being our dinner which worked out good for me, as didn't want big dinner. I thoroughly enjoyed mine, wasn't stingy on the cheese or bacon as you know some places can be tight with their ingredients, nice portion. Sweet pretzel could of been bit more sweet for me, but I blame it on having sweet tooth so for me lacked that sweetness, however still ate it all enjoyed it all the same, just like said earlier bit more for me personally. But now onto the price, all this under £5, bought all this for £2.40 yes, you eyes not misleading you. I think partly because they was closing up for the day they was getting rid of the goods, either way BARGAIN. Unfortunately they didn't have business card, as certain days they set up in Borough Market, so no info. However with permission took pictures (above), so if you ever in Croydon, check out Surrey St Eatery.

Are you bread fan?

Friday, 23 January 2015

Behind The Illness

This will be open frank post, I need to be honest as so many times people see pictures on instagram think you life is great or somewhat together. When really for me the pics above is true representation of me, however you cannot see the hot water that is beside me. Being in constant pain, everything tires me out, the dining out pics I have on instagram afterwards I get home I am exhausted, usually nap. With different health problems that's going on besides the norm, I go onto facebook to have my moan, then I see another person is pregnant and part of me is sadden, I be turning 30 this year and making me reflect even more, I wanted of achieved so much for myself, motherhood, a career, a home I bought. None of them I have achieved and does get me down, no one congratulates you for getting up each day, living on through the pain, so many times when I have seizures I ask can you take me now, so I don't have to suffer anymore, however it does strengthens me. And I completely understand I'm in no means in worse case scenario, I'm not dying or anything like that.

Just don't want to be invisible just like my illness is, will continue to be inspired to those who keep fighting, achieving their goals regardless of the struggle. I hope one day I can inspire somebody.

Honestly hitting the post button making me somewhat anxious will anyone even read this, or comment, as open myself. However someone out there might be feeling the same or similar, just know you not alone, hugs. x

PS- Yes I do snuggle with a teddy.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Lifting January Blues With Little Bit Of Coral. Outfit Of The Day

In my pocket mobile, right pocket water bottle so excuse the dodgy outlines.

Coral duster coat- New Look 
Hoodie- old
Jeans- TK Maxx
Trainers- Babycham

As you may be able to tell quite windy, with my 'Something about Mary' hairstyle going on in some of the pics, had to add them as hey it's me got to add some loopy into it. Bought this coral coat in the sales (online) from New Look, as needed pick me up after Christmas New Years, wanted something with colour, although it's on the thin side, can layer it up. This is me wearing it very casually, I will be looking forward to styling different outfits with my new beauty. 

Have you done outfit post recently? be great to see ya winter looks (leave links in the comment section). 

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New Year. 2015 Here We Are

What can I say bit late to the party however Happy New Year everyone, hope you all had great Christmas. Won't be summing up 2014 as to be honest even though was highlights, very special moments, changes in my life, however health wise same crazy flare ups and other problems. Have I made any resolutions, the way my health is so unpredictable I just try to enjoy the things I can do, and less dwelling on what I cannot do, which for me is on going challenge as do battle with myself. Also keep raising awareness about how disability comes in all shapes and forms, mental health and of course fibromyalgia which in itself sets off other illnesses. Although I am just one voice, pretty loud voice if you ask anyone who knows me, I blame my family we all pretty loud although couple may disagree, but they are just in denial it's ok. Let's keep this blogging going, hopefully it grows.

Have you done new year resolution blog post, recap of 2014, share it in the comment section, love to read them, even if you haven't I am open to reading new blogs.