Friday, 19 December 2014

We Are Here!!!!

I was apprehensive doing this blog post, because I don't want this to turn into a rant post, however I have a voice and have noticed that there is big gap in the market. So often I see brands working with bloggers which is great however I don't see disabled bloggers, I love that there is plus size as we are all different sizes and shapes. When I see bloggers going on free excursions, holidays, clothes etc I think to myself I would love see people who are forgotten about, I want to be able to relate. For me when I travel I have to worry if the place is disabled friendly if not then need extra care. There is a gap, wish brands were more adventurous,  appeal to wider market that's so often forgotten about.

Want to see brands working with disabled bloggers, from wheelchair to walking aid to someone who can't walk much because of their illness. This isn't a campaign for me as would happily read blogs that features them working with brands. I want to see more variety, want it to be relate-able, want there to be more of presence. Disabled people are fashionable, not dead, I'm sure damn well want to travel, go to press events, where is the access...

Won't lie it angers me, frustrating and it's like you invisible, try being in disabled foot steps and see how insignificant you feel, yet mentally you still present. I am not holding back on how I feel, sorry if this post isn't profoundly intellectual way of doing it. But when you on antibiotics feeling like an alien is living inside your body you wouldn't be holding your words back either.

If there is other bloggers who feel the same please do share, and I hope I'm not some crazy lady in her room bitter about the world. As I love the fact that bloggers are influential, seeing the people I follow (not in stalker way of course) grow. There's place for everyone just remember we are here.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Advent Calender Time. His and Hers

It's that time of the year when you allowed to indulge throughout the month, not feel guilty about it, mind you I am in not that bracket of oh no too much calories type of girl, as I say everything in moderation, minus this month it's the time to be jolly. We decided on cheap cheerful advent calenders from Poundland, as sadly left it too late on Lego one we really wanted, sold out everywhere, sad face, lets not talk about it, I'm not bitter..

Of course Hello Kitty advent calender for me, it's me after all, and for him Star Wars as his huge fan of it. Funny enough my chocolate tastes better than his, perhaps needs sweetness for the kids, Star Wars more catered for adults, therefore more stale taste to it, I do find it funny identical doors and shapes of chocolate yet different tastes between the two of the advent calenders.

I must say beauty advent calenders seen on blogs, sadly not in my price range but I enjoy it from afar live through the bloggers as do like seeing what's behind each door, have you done advent calender post, send me links in the comment section, love to see yours.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Camden Coffee House

Jacket potato with coronation chicken, cheese, butter with side dish of salad.

Give me a comfy chair, tea, food and my sketchbook I'm a happy girl. Coffee camden house has nice relax chilled environment about it, passed the test of seating, as for me I always need comfy chair and enough leg room, very important for me otherwise I cannot be comfortable (it's not me trying to be snobby or anything it's just with my chronic pains makes it difficult to sit for prolonged times without the adequate support). I enjoyed my meal, just the right amount of food, sipped on my peppermint tea and then done quick sketch, so excuse if the drawing is a bit crappy. Before leaving I did have cheeky mocha to give me extra boost for my journey home, which I won't lie got my mocha approval. Overall thumbs up from me.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Hello Folkstone

The beauties of the coast, and all it's full glory. Had little break away at the end of September, thankfully the weather was still summery. Sand beach, pebble beach and harbour. Enjoying the surroundings, having the inner child come out of me playing in the sand, using my crutch to draw out things in the sand, yep I am big kid. Folkstone has art scene which there is whole road full of galleries. I know you waiting for it, what did I think of the galleries, well as I only walked passed them I can't give my opinion but what I saw from windows display, defiantly talented artists. Sadly don't have pictures otherwise would of been part of my picture diary of Folkstone. Downside about the area is that it's not disabled friendly, a lot of steep hills, which made it difficult for me, so wasn't able to fully explore the area in it's entirety. The harbour made me want to take up fishing granted all of 1 minute though as can't imagine waking up crack of dawn to fish, the smell, the mess, yeah I am not fisherman but the idea was there.

Now winter is upon us, are you someone who still visits the coast during the colder months?

Friday, 7 November 2014

Mini Primark Haul Plus Special Guest

I made YouTube video, oh yeah, with my special guest who stole the show...

Be great to hear from you guys, drop a comment, as do love hearing from you.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Outfit Of The Day/Night Going To Comedy Gig

Jacket: Diesel (very old), jumper: Primark, trousers: TK Maxx, shoes: Primark, heart bag: Christmas gift from my mum last year. On my nails: Rimmel, salon pro Kate range in shade hip hop.

It's been busy week with hospital appointments, so I'm glad to be posting this now. As you know by now I have to give a little back story to my post, the jumper I am wearing is new purchase as can you believe it I don't own jumpers, perhaps one or two but not one like this as the weather is changing thought it was time to buy something weather appropriate, not that I go around wearing little to nothing clothing just I more of case layer things. One it's long in length which I love, little lace adds more style to it. Then there's the next new purchase back to future shoes as my partner refers to it as, has large obsession with that movie(s), he spotted the shoes on sale, once I clocked on to it too, and it was in my size, yes, glory, had to be mine. Such comfortable simple stylish outfit, can still look good even when you feel like poo. Hopefully I be doing Halloween outfit, as I be actually dressing up, granted must remember to take pictures. So we shall see. 

What do you think to my outfit? have you done outfit post recently if so send me a link in the comments section. 

Friday, 24 October 2014

Omid Djalili Stand Up Comedy At Fairfield Halls

One of his jokes was him doing this, won't give the joke away, spoil it for others who be attending the show. 

So glad to be finally blogging about this event, as my health is bit crazy at the moment, what's new, I know.. Despite being extra poorly, worried wouldn't be able to go, literally was in bed all day until needed to get ready, slapped on some make up so I looked presentable, nice outfit well I thought it was, which will be in separate post outfit of the day. Bought the tickets months ago to Omid Djalili stand up gig as one day I was surfing the net as you do, in particular fairfield halls website looking at what's coming up, there I saw it beaming in front of my very own eyes my favourite comedian is doing a stand up, couldn't believe it, bought the tickets without no hesitation even if meant living on beans on toast for a month, ok being dramatic but you get the gist I was going end of. As so many times acts are at places that I can't get too, but I won't go on about that, let's get back to this blog post, what it's about, me going to Omid Djalili stand up show.

The warm up act was hilarious, note to people who are late to shows you going to get shamed out by the comedians, be prepared to be the butt of the joke, it's all light hearted fun. No lie I laughed from start to end, being in the front row I got to experience eye to eye contact, Omid himself saw me laughing which won't lie made me smile. However it gets better, after the show, got to meet Omid Djalili himself, as he was doing a signing of his book also signing tickets, taking pictures. When getting autograph Omid said to me I remember you from the audience, saw me laughing a lot and then we had quick chat as we took a picture together. I've grown up watching him whether it be on films, TV shows, stand up, here he was in the flesh, I hugged him. Without shadow of doubt one of the highlights of the year for me. Glad I was able to drag my butt as it was great evening. Can't wait to read his autobiography, as not started it yet. So can't review that. Even now when looking at the pictures I smile.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Coming Or Going

My presence online hasn't been much as normal, can't say my life has been crazy hectic that's why, however just been ill a lot recently with other things, nothing life threatening don't worry, no "don't cry for me Argentina" moments. And if I'm honest my mood is like don't know if I am coming or going. My confidence as whole, self doubting myself hugely, but at the same time still determined, strange, right. I started this blog as wanted outlet for myself, somewhere I could escape, distraction and to put forward portfolio of me. I've been hesitate to blog because feel myself prejudging so much, instead of just letting it be. As they say we are our biggest critic. I needed to do this blog post as it's cathartic, yes my confidence is low, but it's working progress, however still don't take for granted the support I have, as too many times we see the perfect imagery of people's lives, with me I want to be open, whether it's me in my hospital gown, having a moan, or celebrating the good times, for me I want to be diverse.

The picture above taken when I was in Folkstone, just how my mood is the tide coming in and out, symbolises the mood, also the beauty of the sea, seeing beauty within yourself, wow, deep, not taken my antibiotics yet so I'm not trippy, haha.

Hows your mood?

Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Redoubt Fortress & Military Museum

One of the places we visited whilst in Eastbourne was The redoubt fortress & military museum, which so happened to have a Roman historical event for the day that included period costumes and a gladiatorial re-enactment.
The museum itself is a sprawling lesson of the fortress' 200 year history from the Napoleonic era to World War II, beautifully set hallways with offset rooms filled with treasures from officer uniforms to medals, swords and paintings. There's a lot to learn for young and old, many interactions for children such as places to let their creativity shine with chalk and whiteboards to interactive areas such as phones with actual recordings of shellfire of the world wars. The top of the fortress provides amazing views of Eastbourne's beach and a perfect place to see the centre of the fortress which on our particular day included a Roman re-enactment which was fun to watch while also being informative. All-in-all the fortress is a must-see for anyone visiting Eastbourne so while down set a couple of hours aside and take a look for yourselves.

Friday, 19 September 2014

My First Holiday In Very Long Time, Eastbourne I Love You

Long overdue break, so we went to Eastbourne for the weekend (couple weeks ago), lovely little holiday. Been long time since I've had holiday, with my health playing huge factor, so to me it was special, so I imagine when I get the chance to go abroad I think I be emotional wreck with tears of joy, as like I always said if this illness taught me anything, it's about appreciating everything, don't take things for granted as cliche as that might sound, it's true. So while on holiday I ate and ate, enjoyed what Eastbourne seaside had to offer, it was sad that the pier was closed off, of course due to the fire that happened there not long ago. However you could of just left me on the beach I would of been happy, soaking up my surroundings. Just sad couldn't adventure more, but the holiday was good nonetheless. Will be doing separate post on the museum we visited there etc. Hope you like the holiday snapshots. From here I let the pictures do the talking.

The last pic was taken when we was going home, sad face, always the drama queen that I am.

Are you someone who likes the seaside? Or are you lucky enough to live on the coast let me know.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Dulwich Picture Gallery

This shouldn't be any surprise, if you follow my blog or social media or just know me in general, is that art is big part of my life. I love looking at art, studying and of course creating art. It's not just about pretty paintings, but culture, history and the present. I could ramble on ages about this, however this blog post is about admiring art displayed in Dulwich Picture Gallery, yes there is galleries in South London not all in Central or East London that some people may think. Also big thing for me, supply wheelchairs at the gallery, which is major plus for me, found the staff to be very helpful, once again makes the visit all that more pleasant. Just being in the presence of such fine art, listening to the curator as she explained the background to the paintings, just hearing the enthusiasm passion behind her speeches made me want to listen even more.

The pure detail in each of the painting, I did have my favourites I must say, which couple can be seen in my pics above, but not all sadly, for me this visit was about soaking up the art not trying to take the best photos. However did buy postcards of my favourite paintings, was a bit sad ok was stroppy couldn't find all of them which happened to be my number one out the selection, always the way.

Overall lovely little visit, also can walk around on their grounds, soak up the outdoors, have cool cafe sadly didn't get to sample any food or drink. The gallery situated in beautiful Dulwich Village, somewhere I would love to live if I was rich.

Do you visit art galleries? what galleries do you like, if you do?

Monday, 18 August 2014

With My Thoughts

There's something about parks, gardens, lakes, ponds I love. Getting fresh air, being in peaceful environment. Helps me clear my mind, I've always been like this, it's my escapism, often through the darkest times of my life I've found solitude in these places. So when I am able to go somewhere like this, even though exhausted after this it just made me smile, as love feeding the ducks, appreciating nature and being grateful. If this illness has taught me anything it's about appreciating things more from smallest things to the biggest, being thankful, yes my body was exhausted, ached a lot afterwards however in that moment I was just normal lady feeding the ducks, hearing the laughter of children playing. I wasn't thinking about bills, or my next appointment at doctors/hospital.  However as you can see in the picture, they came pretty close to get food, literally got swamped, so we had no choice but to go to a different part of the park. It was quite the scene. Still fun nonetheless.

Where do you like going, when you need break?

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Birthday Beauty Haul

Elizabeth Arden- mascara, eye cream, make up remover in make up case.

Already opened this, used it. Don't you just love the packaging.

Very late, birthday beauty haul. All the items was bought for me from family and friends (thank you). Thought I share, as I rarely do beauty posts. Must say I am excited to finally try what every blogger mum has and that is Apocalips by Rimmel. Each item I am looking forward to using, experimenting, and taking hundred pictures of it, me sitting there looking at them like it's virtual gallery. Yes, don't act like you don't do it either, don't leave me hanging...

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Birthday Weekend

So I have turn 21 again or is it 25, well I've aged... Weekend just gone celebrated my birthday, fell on a Sunday (20/07/2014). Ate plenty of cake, cupcakes and surprised I've not turned into a cake yet. Had nice chilled weekend with great company. 

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Where Have I Been

I have missed blogging, oh hope when I don't post for awhile it's noticed, as that being egostic, I don't know. Well have been busy on my other platform while blog been on silent end, have done YouTube Vids.

And early this morning

Whilst I have voice I will keep using it, and will not be afraid to hide away.

Please take the time to watch, share, comment, mean a lot.

Thank you everyone x

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Fresh Cut

It might look the same to you, however I have gone shorter. My hair had grown fair bit since the chop so there was defiantly some length taken off, I naturally have thick hair so it was easy to create volume without teasing my hair or anything. My hairdresser bless her each step made sure consulted with me first of how much to cut off, double checking each time are you sure, which usually hairdressers are scissor happy chop off more than you wanted usually well in my experience, so it was refreshing to say the least, I said go back to Lydia's hairdressing salon and I did, will continue too.

The actual cut I love, as love the feeling just touching back of my head, example it's like when you shave your legs that smoothness you feel when there isn't no hair, yep that's how it feels. I am somebody who enjoys short hair, having boy cut if you like, still beautiful, still can be feminine have really short hair or no hair. Sorry had to go on my little soap box for second there, I'm back now.

What do you think? you like... Are you someone who like's short hair? join the team, haha.

To read about my original chop, the big chop click here.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Father's Day Celebration at Apatura Bar Restaurant And Grill

My Dad looking dapper, sorry no better pic, was just enjoying the moment.

Dad and I went to Apatura Bar Restaurant And Grill for Father's Day celebration, lovely evening out just the two of us, rare occasion so it was nice catching up. I ordered lamb burger which came with chips and salad for mains, Dad ordered steak as he loves his steak with peppercorn sauce which came with chips, onion rings and salad for mains. Neither of us had complaints about our meals, thoroughly enjoyed it, Dad loved his steak. Desserts I had warm chocolate fudge brownie served with chocolate fudge sauce and vanilla ice cream, Dad had sticky toffee pudding and butterscotch with vanilla ice cream. Only complaints we had was wished there was more ice cream served with the pudding, besides that yummy. Our bellies were certainly full after all that food. The service was great, attentive and waiting time for food wasn't long. We both would go back again, and would recommend it to others.

This isn't sponsored post or been asked to review this place, just simply sharing where I went for father's day. Did you do anything for father's day?